Official and fan translation of Higurashi both to continue…


According to the twins’ blog, they received permission to continue translating Higurashi on their own, with MG doing their own version. This might be the first time in history in any media where an official corporate released translation and fan translation are allowed to exist simultaneously.

Though this just makes me wonder. How many people would even notice the difference between the twins’ patch and MG’s release if they weren’t told which were which? Judging by how most people can’t even recognize poor English, I don’t think they’d notice the difference in a proofread MG release and the twins’ release.  Of course, I also have absolutely no faith in humanity.

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  1. charizardpal says:

    7 is pretty cool, with this news they may be the coolest circle I’ve heard of.
    Compare them to Key who recently programmed the new rewrite demo from playing on English windows. Those people who start in the doujin world have a much different outlook from those were always mired in the commercial side…

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