Kagami Miku Cosplay Figma Review

I’m not usually a fan of Miku, but since it’s really Kagamin cosplaying as Miku, I couldn’t help but get it. The quality is standard for Figmas. If you’ve never seen one, they’re not scale figures, but they’re extremely posable and usually come with multiple faces and props. At 2381 yen, it’s on the cheap side.


The real reason I got this figure. Kagamin’s angry face is pure awesome and isn’t something you usually see in a figure.


Kagamin’s going to stare you down if you piss her off.


I don’t know any Miku-esque poses, so I made some random one with the leeks. If I did something wrong, Miku fans can condemn me to hell.




For anyone disappointed in the lack of panties in the last review, here you go. The obligatory panty shot.


All you perverts will probably like this shot too.


Hey, her mouth is even open. It’s like the figure was designed for that pose or something.


At a distance, it’s not quite as perverted. You can just claim she’s nibbling on the leek… right?

Figmas are a tough call. The quality is obviously not as high as a scale figure, but the variety of poses actually makes the figure fun to play with (a shocking concept, isn’t it?). It shouldn’t be your main figure for your favorite character, but at its cheap price, there’s no reason for fans to pass on the figure as a secondary one. The figure shouldn’t be as rare as the Horo one, so you can actually get it.

Buy it at HLJ

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