Shopping log 2

Time to update with the stuff I bought on the trip so far.


Gosick 3 and Kodomo no Jikan 1-6. Damn. I notice a pattern here.


Little Busters Ecstasy (finally got the first edition!) and Tapestry with the telephone card. Someone recommended Tapestry, and it was cheap enough to get on a whim.


Symphonic Rain (the first version with more physical bonuses) is something I’ve wanted for a while. I could have gotten it cheaper new if I got the re-release, but physical bonuses can’t be beaten! I also got Primary (first edition) because it was pretty cheap and the main girl seems like a tsundere I’d like.


I got G-senjou no Maou (first edition with the huge extra book) because it’s highly recommended. I also got Katahane because it looks nice and I heard good things about it.


Some doujinshi. The Tony one is more like an art book, and it was well worth the cost. The Hinagiku one is a bit thin, but it was enjoyable.


See any resemblances? It’s the only reason I got the doujinshi on the left. It was freaking expensive, and the contents turned out to be mediocre (it’s completely black and white…) I obviously got the magazine because Horo is awesome.


Oh shit. A normal game. Ryuu ga Gotoku 3. I thought it was pretty cheap so I picked it up. And another “Oh shit.” I bought a figure even though I said I wasn’t going to, but Amazon Danbo is hard to pass up on.

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