Shopping log 5

I actually made this order back during AX, but it didn’t arrive until today. Surface mail from Japan is quite slow.


Little Busters! Esctasy Perfect Visual Fanbook… whatever that means. I haven’t really looked through it yet since I haven’t beaten the game yet. It includes all the CGs added to the Ecstasy edition plus a bunch of other stuff.


Okay, the main point of my order was to get h-manga since my friends and I bought some magazines at AX and were reading them. Guess which magazine we were reading.

This order actually came in two parts… since I was one manga too heavy (5 kg limit). And apparently, I actually ordered Kodomo no Jikan 1 for this order… which I forgot about and bought another copy in Japan. So this copy apparently cost me retail + 430 yen for a second shipment. Great. It better be good.

Total damage (including shipping): 14,563 yen ($153.10 at time of buying)

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  1. super_ultra says:

    8 out of 10 of those books say “LO” at the top

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