Quartett! unboxing

Name: Quartett!
Developer: Littlewitch
Release date: April 23, 2004
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Well, the laptop that I was playing Cross Channel on died, so until I get around to extracting data from its hard drive, my review will be delayed. So until then, I’ll show some more pretty pictures of games I already played.

Quartett! has the usual great art expected from Littlewitch (or more specifically, the artist Ooyari Ashito 大槍 葦人). The game doesn’t really have any main story. It’s more like a slice of life game of some music students. But hey, I like that sort of thing.

I have the first edition if Quartett!, so there will be pretty extras.

IMG_1409The front cover


IMG_1411Back cover


This is one of the bonuses included in the first edition of the game. It’s about 100 pages and full color. Here are some pictures of the contents.



IMG_1415One of the CGs from the game

IMG_1416Some character info

The artbook contains both images from the game and extra ones not from the game.


The manual is full color but pretty thin.

IMG_1418Some more character info

IMG_1419The two game CDs


Overall, the first edition bonuses are pretty nice. Since it’s old, it’s not easy to get outside of Japanese stores though.

Where to buy: Erogeshop

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