Custom Xbox 360 faceplate: Rin edition

Update: I got a replacement faceplate. Check out the comparison.

Just had to share my new custom faceplate.

Rin <3. Colors are a bit off though and it feels cheap. Compare the official faceplate with this one below.

Official one is on the left. Custom one is on the right. The IR receiver thing wasn’t put on well and now it falls off on the custom one. Less metal is used and the plastic feels cheaper overall. Trade offs are worth it to have Rin on my 360. 😀

To give another idea about the difference in quality, the official faceplate weighs about 63.8 g. The custom one, 57.8 g. 6 g difference may not seem like much, but that’s equivalent to a typical SD card case. That’s missing. From something that should have the same dimensions.

Mini review/rant of the place I got it from: I got the faceplate from Subcostume for ~$26 shipped, and I really can’t recommend them, which is why I’m not linking to them. They had a $3 discount for new members when I ordered, but I didn’t get it when I paid, so I submitted a ticket and they never replied. The day after I submitted my ticket, the banner mysteriously disappeared from their site. Hm… I wonder why. Tried another ticket and still no reply. My friend got a faceplate too and they replied to his ticket saying they would refund him, but it’s been about 20 days now and still no refund for him. They’re also kind of slow making it. Site says 2-4 business days, but it ended up being 7 or 8 regular days for me.

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3 Responses to Custom Xbox 360 faceplate: Rin edition

  1. Draneor says:

    It may be cheap, but it’s still Rin, you know?

  2. Reikon says:

    Yeah, it’s Rin, but having it better quality would just make it so much better. The colors just don’t look right. Of course, the colors in that photo aren’t too great either because of flash. Colors weren’t right without it either, so I should retake is with proper white balance later.

    If I ever find a place that does high quality ones, I’m tempted to make another one. 😀

  3. charizardpal says:

    What happened to the old one? Did it break or something for you to buy a new one?

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