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Yes, finally. Another review. The game this time will be Pulltop’s Te to Te Try On!.  Technically, this isn’t a full review because I skipped one path, but I played the majority of the game so I think I have a good enough idea of the game. One format change with this review is that NSFW images are now hidden in spoiler tags. There will not be any story spoilers without advance warning, so feel free to click away.

I was also too lazy to do an unboxing, but the first edition comes with a ~15 page full color art book with character art from other artists and the soundtrack.

Game: てとてトライオン!
Developer: PULLTOP
Release date: August 29, 2008
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Washizuka Shinichirou wakes up one day with his father gone. He finds a note from his father that says he’s going to be gone for a while and that he enrolled Shinichirou in a new school. Upon arriving at the new school, he finds nothing but a park with nobody around. He walks around and sees someone in the distance and follows them and finds this.

Orihama Natsumi was changing (though I don’t know where the pantsu comes into play). She doesn’t really seem to mind, and some things happen and she agrees to show him the school. They go back to the park and Shinichirou still doesn’t understand where the school is. After a while, the ground shakes and buildings come out of the ground. It’s the school!

After some more things happen, it seems like Shinichirou has some special ability to control the school’s computer systems, so he’s summoned to the student council, who with a few other people, are in charge of maintaining the school. The student council and maintenance team also happen to be comprised of all girls.

They discover that Shinichirou’s neckband from his father has some special power over the school’s system whenever he’s holding hands with some specific girls, so he’s made to join the student council to help them with their recent problems with the school’s system.

Yes, the game is about maintenance workers. Exciting, no?


Washizuka Shinichirou

The protagonist of the game, Shinichirou has lived with his traveling father all his life. His father is a researcher, yet he also likes living in the wilderness, allowing Shinichirou to develop survival skills and a strong body. And he’s going to need it with what the student council wants him to do, which is running around. A lot.

Since he’s been living with his father and wandering around all his life, Shinicihirou has never settled down for long and hasn’t gone to school for a while, making him unaccustomed to girls. This makes him the target of frequent teasing by the girls in the story. However, he’s a pretty good guy and dedicated to helping the school. But he’s not particularly interesting or anything. He’s your typical nice guy with girls falling all over him.

Orihama Natsumi

Natsumi is the main heroine of the story. She loves swimming and is often said to be like a fish. Being a carefree girl, she thinks being chased by robots and stuff is fun. I think she’s missing some stuff upstairs. Being a really cheerful and loud girl, she grabs onto Shinichirou pretty much whenever she seems him. In other words, too genki.

Her path reveals the most about the background of the school, and for some reason, the maintenance team suddenly compare her and Shinichirou to Orihime and Hikoboshi — the characters in Tanabata. There’s really no reason for it leading up to that point, so it struck me as odd and forced.

Hasumi Ichino

Ichino is the student council president, and she acts like a dignified and slightly conceited president in front of most people. But put her in front of her roommate Serina, and her act breaks down and she acts like a kid. When Serina is around, Ichino will whine and pout when things don’t go the way she wants. Though I said she’s a dignified president, she’s in no way one of those uptight quiet people. She still fools around a lot while doing her job.

Her pouting.

She loves the school and really tries her best to do the best for the school, and she’s good at inspiring others to do the same, making her a good and respected student council president. Of course she also tries really hard to create and maintain that image.

However, in her path, when Shinichirou finds out about her undignified side, her reaction is soooo cute. Eventually, she’ll stop putting up her act in front of Shinichirou, leading to events like this:

She hates green peas.

In addition, she really loves teasing Shinichirou, but whenever he responds to her sexual teases seriously, she gets nervous and flustered. The way she reacts is really cute. You gotta play it to understand.

Since she’s so close to Serina, people think there’s something going on between them. It doesn’t help Ichino seems to like fostering the misunderstanding.

Maybe it’s true.

Ichino’s path is just more about fixing the school and about Shinichirou finding out what she did in the past that she regrets. There’s no serious story behind it, but I found her relationship with Shinichirou the most entertaining and cute.

Tokura Temari

Temari is a computer whiz and is pretty much the brains of the maintenance operation. She speaks in a soft and pretty monotone voice, making her pretty unexciting. Takako, her roommate, is extremely overprotective of Temari and the biggest obstacle for Shinichirou in Temari’s path. Getting Takako to accept Shinichirou is an arduous and extremely annoying process.

Her SD images are cute.

She can eat a LOT.

Ever play Ever17? Yeah? Well, imagine Yuu’s path in that game. Except absolutely boring. Tenmari has to hack into the school’s central computer that her father helped create in order to take control of it. In the process, she has to solve riddles, including one that involves her name. Sound familiar?

Seem even more familiar? Yeah, that’s the map from Ever17.

However, in contrast to Yuu’s path in Ever17, there’s nothing that’s life-threatening. The solutions involve going to a place and using Shinichirou’s magic neckband. It wasn’t exciting, interesting, or funny. It was just repetitive. Takako made the process even more annoying with her constant overzealous protection of Temari. It doesn’t help that Temari keeps calling Shinichirou, “Darling.” ARGH! STOP THAT. Too much sweet deredere stuff. I’ve never wanted a path to end more than this one.

Kurumizawa Suzuki

Suzuki is the tsundere of the group, and my least favorite character in the game. Yeah, that’s right. A tsundere is my least favorite character.  She’s one of those tsundere that get really angry and violent at pretty much everything. And then once you go go down her path, she suddenly turns extremely deredere. I just can’t stand those type of tsundere.

Her path is the one I didn’t finish, but from what  I saw from the little bit I played, she met Shinichirou once when they were kids and they confessed to each other and promised to be together when they meet again. Right after she remembered that, she became super deredere and I couldn’t stand it, so I skipped the rest.


Or at least some of them.

Fujigamine Serina

Serina is Ichino’s roommate and the vice president of the student council. She’s a serious person and often has to keep Ichino in line since she’s often fooling around. When she gets mad, she’s extremely scary.

Hayama Takako

Takako is Temari’s roommate and childhood friend. Like a crazy older sister/mother, she watches over Temari like a hawk and gets extremely mad whenever something potentially harmful or traumatizing is about to happen to Temari.

She’s a nutcase.

Hayama Hatoko

Hatoko is Takako’s twin sister. As the school’s reporter, she hosts the daily news show. And she’s extremely loud. And annoying.


To be honest, I have no idea what most of the sex scenes are like. I skipped through the sex scenes for everyone but Ichino. Ichino’s scenes were actually pretty decent and funny at times.

Every character gets two sex scenes, and there didn’t seem to be anything exciting about them. The only thing out of the ordinary was one anal scene.

Temari’s sex scenes seem forced in order to reach two scenes since her sex scenes come almost right after each other while all the other characters have a significant amount of time between them. Having a second sex scene shortly after the first one just seems to devalue the second one.


Te to Te Try On is a pretty laid back game about students who are pretty much maintenance workers for their school. Fun. The story for the game isn’t very important, and frankly, it isn’t very good. Romance is also not a strong point of the game. For the most part, the relationships aren’t interesting or well developed.

To make up for this, the game needs to have interesting events and characters. Unfortunately, the game largely fails at this. The events in the game are usually not very funny or interesting and most often revolve around the group trying to fix problems with the school. Stuff like berserk robots, power outages, broken showers etc. Yeah, that’s right. Fixing broken showers.

Fixing things seems to be the theme of this game, and it’s achieved by Shinichirou by holding hands with a girl to activate his special powers, hence the Te to Te part of the title. After they do that, the problems pretty much automagically get fixed. Blah blah blah, holding hands and fixing stuff seems to be an excuse to get him closer to a girl so they can fall in love and whatnot. It helps that whenever they’re fixing things, the neckband somehow makes them become mentally connected.

As for the characters, most of them are pretty typical and uninteresting. You’ve got your stupid genki girl, your quiet sorta-loli, and a (bad) tsundere. Ichino at least mixes it up a bit by less typical and you know, entertaining. And cute.

If I only played Ichino’s route and stopped, I probably would have had a really good impression of the game. Unfortunately,  I had to keep going until I wanted to pound my head into the wall. I couldn’t wait for the game to be over.

At least the game is only of medium length and only requires two choices for each path, though the results of the choices aren’t that obvious.

So let’s end it on a good note.


My scale will probably be a lot different from most other people’s scale. My scores will be from 1 to 5, integer only. I don’t understand why people need to use a 10 point (or shit, a 100 point) scale. Do you really care about the difference between a game that gets a 3 or a 4 out of 10? Can you really tell me the difference between a 8.5 and an 8.6? Decimals are usually assigned purely on a whim. My score also is based on the overall game. My enjoyment of the game is the primary deciding factor. No subscores are given.

I also give games scores based on what they’re trying to be. For example, I won’t ding a slice of life game for not having an epic story. It’s simply not what the game is supposed to be.

The meaning of my scores and their rough equivalent in a 1-10 scale.

5 – Excellent. Must play (9-10)
4 – Good. Play if you’re a fan of the genre (8)
3 – Average. Play if something about the game really attracts you. (7)
2 – Below average. Only play if there’s something about the game that really really interests you. You need to have a die hard fetish for it or something to make it worthwhile. (6)
1 – Crap. Avoid no matter what. (1-5)


If you think you’d like Ichino, play her path and then quit. Her path alone is worth a playthrough, but the remaining parts of the game detract from the experience.

Where to buy: Amazon (How to), Getchu, Erogeshop (because some people just don’t want to save money)

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