Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart review

The fan disk for the well received Hoshizora no Memoria has finally been released. I’m going to assume everyone who’s reading this review has already played the original game. Now let’s return to the group and join the club in some stargazing.

I don’t really know how to review a fan disk, but let’s give it a try.

And for people who haven’t been following my reviews, spoiler tags hide ero content. There are no significant spoilers unless I give immediate advance warning.

Game:  星空のメモリア Eternal Heart
Developer: FAVORITE
Release date: January 29, 2010
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Let’s start with the game system since it’s a fan disk.

Only Yume and Mare have significant routes in the game. All the other heroines have very short paths that are essentially epilogues to their own path in the original game. You must play through either Yume or Mare’s path before you can play the other heroines’ paths.

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And using the conventions of my previous review, Kogasaki You will be known as Kogayou.


Yume’s path fills in the details between her ending and her epilogue of the original game. After Mare is sent back, Kogayou and Yume must search for her meteorite to meet her again. Of course, they have no idea where it landed, making it a ridiculously difficult task.

To alleviate the boredom of their task, Yume and Kogayou do it like rabbits. That is, like rabbits that have sex three times during the span of a year or so.

Of course, you already know the outcome of their search, so it’s not all that exciting. Unless you’re one of those people who get anxious about which side will win in a World War 2 movie or something. Then this is just the thing for you.

Yume molesting a pillow. I liked the SD art in the original game more.

Mare S. Ephemeral

Even though this is technically Mare’s path, it’s more about Ima than anything. Ima shows up and tries to attack pretty much everybody. She lost her memories so they need to get them back and reunite her with her family.

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Some bad influence from Isuzu, eh?

Of course the danger to Mare’s life isn’t enough to prevent them from GETTING IT ON. And going on dates and cosplaying and stuff. Mare turns way too deredere in her path for my tastes. She goes down a ranking or two compared to the original.

Asuka Ima

Ima is Asuka Mirai’s brother, and she was sent by the same people as Setsuna. Her job is to send Kosame back, but she discovers Mare and Ren during her job, and she decides she has to deal with them too.

Ima is one of those serious about their job types. You could call her a weaker version of Setsuna.

Hisakaki Komomo

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Kogayou really is an uncurable lolicon.
(By the way, people need to learn how to pronounce loli. It’s not “law-lee”. Come on, look at the English word it came from.)

Komomo’s path is just about her and Kogayou gradually being able to say each other’s first name. Yeah, that’s it. Luckily, her deredere mode isn’t as extreme as the others.

The rest of the characters

Since all the characters except Mare and Yume only get new CGs from sex scenes, I’ll just go over their short paths quickly.

Kosame’s path is basically a rehash of her original route, which deals with her anxiety about her existence, requiring Kogayou to reassure her.

Isuzu’s path is about her wanting to work and help Kogayou.

Asuho’s path is about her and Kogayou’s future plans.

Chinami’s path is about her visiting her parents’ graves.

And yes. Chinami is still as annoying as ever. Even with a new voice, which doesn’t seem that different to me.

You can see for yourself by listening to some her annoying catchphrases.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


I’m not sure what to think. Neither Yume nor Mare’s paths were very good compared to the original game, but this is a fan disk. It’s not meant to be that story focused. It  was nice being able to revisit the characters, but I think I liked all of the characters less after playing through this game. They all turn very deredere, and in some cases, way too much for my tastes.

The side stories are very shallow, as you can see in my summaries. They’re basically there to add a sex scene and allow the players to spend a short time with their favorite characters. I can’t help but feel like there should have been a bit more in each of them. Maybe I expected too much since I don’t usually play fan disks, but I was able to rush through some of those side stories in like 30 minutes by skipping the sex scenes and voices.

The two main paths were good, but not great. This was probably due to the fact that the ending for Yume’s path is already known and Mare’s path isn’t really about her.

By then again, if you love these characters, more can only be a good thing, right? You get to spend some more time with them, do some sexing, and learn some more about their backgrounds and the background of the town.

So big fans of the characters should give this a go. If you didn’t care too much about the characters, you can probably give this a pass.

It’s also not really worth full price. It should have been like 5000-6000 yen MSRP.

Since this is a fan disk, I have no idea how to apply my scoring system to this, so a score will be omitted.

Stealth announcement: This site will be going into hibernation mode. That means updates will come much less often — only when I really really want to make a post. It’s been about 6 months since I started this blog and I’ve gotten tired of writing it. Also, the amount of time spent updating the site is too great to justify the amount of visitors. To the few people who’ve stuck around for most of this site’s existence, thank you.

Until I can find some more motivation to update, farewell.

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  1. m3rryweather says:

    Dang, now you’ve got me wondering how in the world I’m still writing till this day. It’s too bad but I wish you well in whatever you want to do.

    I think the word “loli” is derived not from the word “lolita” but from the Japanese pronunciation of “lolicon.” So I think it’s wrong to say “law-lee-ta” but not “law-lee.”

  2. Reikon says:

    Heh, maybe you’re just more patient/have a longer attention span than me. It probably wasn’t a good idea for me to start since my attention span is extremely short. I got tired of updating after 3-4 months. I figured I might as well stick with it until 6 months to see if I could find any way to make it enjoyable for me again. If you still have fun doing it, then there’s no mystery as why you’re still writing.

    Though what probably really killed my site is that I was never really part of the eroge community. My site popped up out of nowhere, and I never tried to really promote it. So with no friends or promotion to help it start, it was doomed to obscurity, which made me feel like I shouldn’t bother after a while. Cause eventually it feels like I’m pretty much talking to myself.

    And it doesn’t matter where “loli” actually came from. In both “lolicon” and “lolita”, it’s pronounced “low-lee”. I mean I included a sound file right there, Mokomoko’s pronunciation is “low-lee”. I don’t know where “law-lee” came from. Maybe it was from people who tried to applied English pronunciation to a word that they didn’t know the origin of.

  3. m3rryweather says:

    Well, it does take quite a chunk of time and investment to really connect with a community. I know I’m not Mr. Popular and it has been two years. I think part of the reason why I continue on is because I enjoy writing. Of course the readers and comments are a great welcome and encouragement too but I think it’s a combination of reasons. Though I honestly think your blog or anyone can receive recognition with time.

    Eh, personally I don’t think Mokomoko’s pronunciation sounded like “low-lee” if I compare it to the dictionary one. Her enunciation was “softer” and doesn’t quite match. Meh, I don’t really mind if people say it “law-lee” or “low-lee” or “ro-ri.”

  4. Reikon says:

    Yeah, I’m just not that patient and I got tired of it sooner than I initially thought I would. Also, I never really got myself a writing style. It’d probably be better for me and the readers if I created some consistent interesting/unique writing style, but I’m not a creative writer. 😛

    Well, you have to realize that the languages are different and the people pronouncing them are different, so there’s going to be some difference in sound. But overall, it still sounds like like “low” to me. Looking at the way it’s written in Japanese, that’s pretty much the way it has to be since Japanese isn’t really random at pronouncing vowels like English. ロ should sound pretty much sound like “low.”

    On an unrelated note, it’s ironic that my site received the most visitors ever on the day after I decided to stop updating the site.

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