Xbox 360 Rin faceplate: Round 2

Some of you may remember how disappointed I was with my first Rin 360 faceplate. The colors were off. The details were lacking. The faceplate felt really cheap.

Ed over at Faceplate Addict agreed it was low quality when he got his first faceplates from Subcostume. He worked with Subcostume to improve the quality and offered me a replacement. Well, here it is.

Left: official original faceplate, middle: first custom faceplate, right: replacement faceplate

I encourage you to click the picture and look at it in a bigger size. The colors on the replacement faceplate are much better. The faceplate itself is white, unlike the beige of the original. The colors are more vibrant and the details in the picture actually make it to the faceplate. Compare Rin’s hand, foot, and skirt.

Photo taken using flash. Loss of color accuracy, but you can see the differences in detail better.

The faceplate itself is also better. The doors feel more solid, though nowhere near the quality of the original. The IR thing is black, like the original, and actually stays on the faceplate now. I already lost the one on the first faceplate since it was loose.

Same order as before.

As you (might) be able to see, the back of the new faceplate is a lot more like the official faceplate. Everything has sharper and more defined edges, making it seem like like a cheap impression like the first one. Ironically, the new one weighs in at even less. 54.4 g

Though the faceplate is much better now, it’s still hard to excuse Subcostume’s customer service. They advertised a discount and never gave it to me. They ignored all my inquiries about it. They promised to refund my friend but never gave it to him. These are all signs of a company you should normally avoid dealing with.

The only reason I got a replacement is because of Ed’s dedication, and he doesn’t even work for Subcostume. Maybe they should learn a thing or two about communication and customer satisfaction from him.

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3 Responses to Xbox 360 Rin faceplate: Round 2

  1. FlawlessEXA says:

    Pretty amazing, glad that it worked out in the end. The face plate looks awesome, need to get a custom myself…

  2. SpaceGhost2K says:

    I don’t work for them, but I’ve put together a number of projects through them, so maybe I’m a subcontractor or something? Really, all I am is a collector and customizer who is using their services to meet my own needs – plates for my collection, plates for other people who want their own, and plates for companies that want to offer them to staff or media/VIP’s. I’m glad you gave it a shot, I’m sorry it didn’t work out to your satisfaction, and I’m glad I could get a plate you were happy with into your hands, one way or another. In the next week or so, I’ll get your plate uploaded to the database.

  3. SpaceGhost2K says:

    I do want to add one more thing, about the materials used. First party Microsoft plates were created in the hundreds of thousand, which drove the cost per unit down to nothing. It’s not possible to go toe-to-toe in quality like that with a “one-off” unless you want to pay fifty dollars per plate. I’m not saying that in their defense, just as an explanation for the situation. Mad Catz makes plates in the tens of thousands, and while they’re better than the “one-offs”, they’re not as good as the first party plates, either. In fact, instead of selling plates for $19.99, Mad Catz started including skins that cost pennies which allowed them to ask $29.99 for the thing instead of $19.99. It just sucks because the things should be ten bucks, and there should be one for every game – and it just didn’t happen that way.

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