Harem 201X beta

Better late than never. After everyone else made their list, it’s time for my own since I don’t want anyone else stealing my favorite bishoujos. *grabs Kagome from warum*

The four commandments handed down by God m3rry will be followed.

-Harem size is up to six eight bishoujos. and one household meido.
-Only one bishoujo in an eroge unless she is a twin.
-Eroges with their own anime adaptions are not allowed.
-Each bishoujo must have it’s own individual seiyuu.

Now it’s time for the list in no particular order.

1.) Natsume Rin (CV: 民安ともえ) from Little Busters!

I don’t think anybody’s surprised at her inclusion in the list. Rin is the osananajimi of the group and is probably the best representative of osananajimi to me in general. Unlike most other ones, Rin is not clingy and not ridiculously tsun (really, how can you be tsun to someone for 10+ years then turn all dere in a matter of months or less?). I would invent a time machine to force a child version of me to make Rin my friend.

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I’ll be your friend, Rin.

2) Higuchi Ririko (CV: 籐野らん) from Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo

Ririko would be the onee-chan of the group. Though physically weak, she’s pretty much impossible to break mentally. I would rest easy knowing she would always back me up and no form of torture could turn her. In her world, she would be the (sorta spoiler) spy of the group. When she’s not doing her covert ops, Ririko loves to tease and her reactions to some events are hilarious.

Like this.

3) Unohananosakuyahime a.k.a. Hime a.k.a. Sakuya (CV: 高志麻矢 alias for 伊藤静) from Tenshin Ranman

Sakuya is a god who can make lasers come out of your eyes and her method of removing your bad luck is by kissing. Need I say more?

Okay, okay, Sakuya is mischievous and likes to tease the protag, yet she’s always serious enough to get her job done. When she’s jealous, her powers go out of control and things fly everywhere, which is really cute since she doesn’t even realize it.

Her fake embarrassment teasing is so freaking awesome.

4) Hinaori Kagome (CV: 一色ヒカル) from コミュ―黒い竜と優しい王国―

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One of the first scene’s Kagome is alone with the protag made me completely fall for her. She sneaks into his apartment and comes out of the shower completely naked while insulting and teasing the protag, who thinks she’s like a witch and completely tsun. Then she says something like the above line. Holy. shit. I WANT.

Since warum already covered pretty much everything else, I won’t bother repeating it.

5) Kawakami Kazuko a.k.a Wanko (CV: 青山ゆかり) from Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!

For a change of pace, the imouto of the harem will be Wanko (though she isn’t the protag’s imouto in Majikoi). Unlike the rest of the harem, Wanko is super genki and optimistic. Though she can be a bit dumb, which leads to everyone teasing her, she’s as loyal as a dog and would not kill me for having a harem unlike some of the other girls above.

Maid) Okita Megumi (CV: 夏野こおり) from W.L.O. 世界恋愛機構

Though she’s almost always in a maid uniform, Megumi is not very maid-like since the uniform is part of her waitress job. However, she still watches over and takes care of the protag when needed, so she probably has the skills to be a maid. Hopefully. Else I’d starve and the place would be a mess.

Carefree and lax on the surface,  she’s actually an operator for the W.L.O, making her quite a leader when needed. With her superior social skills, she may prevent a bloodshed within the harem.

So to sum it up, I have:

  • Osananajimi to hang out with
  • Reliable onee-chan
  • Goddess when miracles are needed. Hiding under tables is advised when she’s jealous
  • Violent woman who might kill me in my sleep once she sees the harem
  • Genki imouto-like girl to hide me when the above characters are hunting me
  • Sociable maid to hopefully figure out a way this harem would actually work
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6 Responses to Harem 201X beta

  1. warum says:

    That…is an all star harem.

    Rin: Nothing more needs to be said, it’s like the San to Hemi as Rin is to Reikon.

    Ririko: Aww I would totally recruit her if not for the commandment that makes me choose between her or Tonya. She does have a really scary sadistic nature which is then contrasted by her hilarious boke/reaction like you said.

    Sakuyahime’s fake embarrassment tease is awesome. <- FULLY AGREED.

    At least another blogger recognizes Kagome's charm! It's her confidence compounded with the tease D: That grin and eye combination is something I'll never be able to escape from.

    When Wanko lets her hair down like that I can see shades of Rin in her O_o. Is that your ulterior motives!? But Kazuko is a good addition since she tranquilizes the surrounding with her dumb but genuine antics and just raises your urge to *nadenade*.

    Megumi is another hidden gem in W.L.O (though I'd argue everyone in W.L.O is awesome) since she has that supporting/understanding oneesan side yet can be a little devious/childish :P.

    Anyways, what a great list (except you stole 1 of my harem member ;_;), you should complete it by adding MOAR wonderful bishoujos (8+1, you are half way there!!).

    My non-indicative harem parameter sensor: A mix of dere and S with a slight inclination towards animal-like behavior harem…?

  2. Reikon says:

    Mwahaha, shh, I’m going to turn Wanko into another Rin. 😉 Despite their looks, their personalities are very different. Rin is cat-like — quiet, usually alone, and frank with her thoughts/insults — while Wanko is well, dog-like.

    Megumi was my favorite character in WLO and I was disappointed she didn’t have a path. I just have a thing for playful/teasing characters.

    And the reason my list is labeled beta is because it’s not complete. 😛 It’s pretty hard for me to find characters I like enough to include in the list yet isn’t taken by anime. *cough* Tomoyo 🙁 *cough*

    I’d say my harem is a good mix of S/teasing and animal-like. There’s a bit of dere mixed in but none of them overdo it. The characters in my harem tend to be independent and strong (mentally or physically) but know how to insert playful antics when needed. It’s kinda hard to describe them with one word, but they’re so great when I find them.

  3. Wrathkal says:


    I took Wanko before you did, Reikon! Puppy petting rights belong to me!

    Btw, you’re going by the old rules? Everyone’s bumped up to 8, but yours is only 5 + 1 maid.

  4. Reikon says:

    Argh, I didn’t note the lists in the comments. 🙁 I’ll just have to convince the puppy to run away to me. 😀 *dog whistle, nade nade*

    I haven’t gone through all the eroge I play, but I can’t remember anybody else I’d want in my harem right now. 8+maid is hard to fill since I’m picky…

  5. feal87 says:

    +10 points because you selected “MY” lovely Wanko. 😀

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