What’s in a name? Or how I named my blog.

Since I really have no content update due to me being busy with school, I’ll just tell you about how I named my blog. I was multitasking as usual and thinking about starting a blog while playing Little Busters! Shortly after, I encountered this scene, and the title of my blog was born.

rin Rin being a sleepyhead

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The real reason I did this post was to test my audio player above (it’s just the audio of her saying the shown line, or the title of my blog). For people who don’t know Japanese, she’s saying, “Nn… morning already?” Also, I’ll probably add snippets of audio throughout my reviews. I’m also nearing the end of Primary and should start on a new game soon, which I will review! Promise.

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Primary ~Magical Trouble Scramble~ unboxing

Name: Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~
Developer: SkyFish
Release date: June 26, 2009
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Let’s try something new. Every time I start a new ADV/NVL, I’ll post pictures of me unboxing it. I’m sure most of you would like to know what’s inside these games.

I got this game mainly for the main tsundere girl, Prim. I don’t really expect much of a story out of this. It’s a moe game more than anything else. The characters will make it or break it. This is also my first SkyFish game.


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Shopping log 5

I actually made this order back during AX, but it didn’t arrive until today. Surface mail from Japan is quite slow.


Little Busters! Esctasy Perfect Visual Fanbook… whatever that means. I haven’t really looked through it yet since I haven’t beaten the game yet. It includes all the CGs added to the Ecstasy edition plus a bunch of other stuff.


Okay, the main point of my order was to get h-manga since my friends and I bought some magazines at AX and were reading them. Guess which magazine we were reading.

This order actually came in two parts… since I was one manga too heavy (5 kg limit). And apparently, I actually ordered Kodomo no Jikan 1 for this order… which I forgot about and bought another copy in Japan. So this copy apparently cost me retail + 430 yen for a second shipment. Great. It better be good.

Total damage (including shipping): 14,563 yen ($153.10 at time of buying)

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Shopping log 4

Here’s the final shopping log, which actually comprises two trips to Akiba.


You can’t have too much Horo. These are two clear files and a pencil board. Useless, but pretty.

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Shopping log 2

Time to update with the stuff I bought on the trip so far.

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Kagami Miku Cosplay Figma Review

I’m not usually a fan of Miku, but since it’s really Kagamin cosplaying as Miku, I couldn’t help but get it. The quality is standard for Figmas. If you’ve never seen one, they’re not scale figures, but they’re extremely posable and usually come with multiple faces and props. At 2381 yen, it’s on the cheap side.

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Kotobukiya Horo 1/8 scale figure review

Fans of Horo REJOICE! The best Horo figure has arrived. Unlike the other subpar figures released, this figure is based on the vastly superior original novel art. The design is simple, just Horo running around in a field, but it captures the essence of what makes Horo so great. Luckily, I was able to get the re-run of this figure before it disappeared. By the time I received my figure, most stores seemed to be already sold out.
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Shopping log 1

Another week, another set of packages.

First off, some figures. I keep saying to myself that I’m not going to buy any more figures, but that’s probably not going to happen, is it?

Horo from Spicy Wolf and Kagamin cosplaying as Miku. What could be better? I’ll post a review/more pictures later.

Second, the ridiculously cheap Planet Earth HD from Amazon.

Total damage: ~$113

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Official and fan translation of Higurashi both to continue…


According to the twins’ blog, they received permission to continue translating Higurashi on their own, with MG doing their own version. This might be the first time in history in any media where an official corporate released translation and fan translation are allowed to exist simultaneously.

Though this just makes me wonder. How many people would even notice the difference between the twins’ patch and MG’s release if they weren’t told which were which? Judging by how most people can’t even recognize poor English, I don’t think they’d notice the difference in a proofread MG release and the twins’ release.  Of course, I also have absolutely no faith in humanity.

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